Day 3 Juice Fast

Day 3 is done.

Once again I wasn’t able to have a breakfast juice, because I woke up late. And my lunch was a sweet juice, a combo of apple, pear, beets, ginger and pear. It was a little too sweet for my taste.

I have to say, today was a bit more difficult than the first two days. After work I got these intense cravings for food. I got home and made a dinner juice of carrots, jalapenos, celery, cilantro, and red pepper. Its my favorite mixture thus far.

I’m really proud of myself for getting through this. I didn’t think I had enough will power to hold on, but I did.

Next steps are to follow the KISSS plan with some modifications.

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Juice Fast Day 2

And Day 2 is almost done!

I was running late this morning so I didn’t have a breakfast juice and I didn’t get around to drinking my lunch juice until 1:30. I honestly didn’t feel bad, lethargic, hungry or anything else that usually accompanies a 20 hour fast. Either I didn’t recognize my hunger or I put it out my mind. Usually, by noon everyday, by body tells me I need/want to eat, by routine. I hope this fast teaches me to recognize the correct hungry signals.

My lunch juice was a jalapeno,  red pepper, cilantro, celery, and carrot juice from Whole Foods, it wasn’t as spicy as the one I had on Saturday, but it hit the spot.

Dinner juice was a combination of beets, carrots, spinach. Simply delicious. I’m getting accustomed to the earthy taste of the beets, but I’m a little disappointed that my juicer isn’t able to extract all the juices from spinach. So I ordered this.

Been thinking about how I want to change my diet after this fast and will probably follow the KISSS plan for about six weeks.

No workout for today, but still thinking about hitting the gym’s sauna.




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Juice-Fast Day 1

Day 1 is done!  Whew!

It wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be. I did feel a little off all day though, but not sure if I can contribute it to the Fast. You see, I was doing well with my pre-Juice Fast, until a buddy called to meet for lunch. I had a full order of bean and cheese nachos and two ritas. The party continued to another bar where we consumed a liquid dinner of chard.

So I got home around 9 and crashed. And then was wide awake at 2am, so I proceeded to prep and juice. So yes, I’ve been up since 2am and I’m exhausted.

Breakfast juice: oranges, granny apple, cucumber

Lunch: celery, cucumber, tomato, kale, carrot

Dinner: Beets, carrots, and spinach (Red Dawn @ Whole Foods)

After I drank my dinner juice, I went to meet my running group for a quick 30 minute workout. Today’s workout was 30 minute run with strides. I was extremely nervous about it, hoping I didn’t faint. The workout was great, I was so energized. Excited about what tomorrow will bring.

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Early morning juice prep


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Day 1 Pre-juice Fast

Day 1 of pre-juice fast is nearing end. It wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be. I went to Whole foods to grab a juice, and it was tough to fight the temptation of the hot food bar, but I managed.


Weight-training for 35 minutes

And this cardio workout modified to an incline of 13

Current weight: 167


Lemon, lime, cucumber, carrot, orange juice


The Rail Juice from whole foods

Mixed salad greens with black beans, roasted potatoes/carrots, black beans and red onions


Green smoothie with 1/2 frozen bananas and strawberries

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Feasting on juice

Well, the first training run of the Spring training was a success. I felt like I could do a few more miles.

Ran 4 miles in 46 minutes

I’ve put on about 15 lbs since I started training for my first half last fall. I’m not happy with my weight and how I look. I need to do something about it. I’m going on a 3 day juice fast next week to “jump start” my weight loss. I’m kinda worried about it since, I’ve never fasted and do not like the feeling of being hungry.

There’s tons of information on the internet regarding juice fast, and its overwhelming to figure out what the best method. Sometimes I think there’s too much information, too many opinions on what’s right and in my perfectionist nature I want to do just right, which can  can be a hindrance because a lot of stuff never gets done because it isn’t perfect.  Anyways, I decided to bit the bullet and just do it and basically figure it out on the way and use the information on the internet as a guidance and not a strict plan.

The plan:

For two days leading up to the fast I will consume only raw foods. For me that means a lot of salads and green smoothies. This  will allow my body to transition into the fast.

Then, a three-day juice fast where I consume nothing but fresh juices, water, and tea. No limits in the amount juice I consume

Finally, a two-day transition out of the fast with raw foods.


I’ll post my daily thoughts and mood and physical feelings.




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