Juice Fast Day 2

And Day 2 is almost done!

I was running late this morning so I didn’t have a breakfast juice and I didn’t get around to drinking my lunch juice until 1:30. I honestly didn’t feel bad, lethargic, hungry or anything else that usually accompanies a 20 hour fast. Either I didn’t recognize my hunger or I put it out my mind. Usually, by noon everyday, by body tells me I need/want to eat, by routine. I hope this fast teaches me to recognize the correct hungry signals.

My lunch juice was a jalapeno,  red pepper, cilantro, celery, and carrot juice from Whole Foods, it wasn’t as spicy as the one I had on Saturday, but it hit the spot.

Dinner juice was a combination of beets, carrots, spinach. Simply delicious. I’m getting accustomed to the earthy taste of the beets, but I’m a little disappointed that my juicer isn’t able to extract all the juices from spinach. So I ordered this.

Been thinking about how I want to change my diet after this fast and will probably follow the KISSS plan for about six weeks.

No workout for today, but still thinking about hitting the gym’s sauna.





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